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Fine Jewerly

Purity of lines, precision of proportions:
introducing new designs to the RL Collection

Inspired by the brand’s rich heritage and commitment to craftsmanship, the Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry RL collection seamlessly combines classic elegance with contemporary flair. Uncompromising lines combined with precise proportions, allow its oval shape to beautifully embrace the neck and the wrist. At the heart of this collection, the iconic RL symbol, a cherished emblem recognized worldwide. The symbol, carefully incorporated into the designs, adds a distinct allure to every piece. It signifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and timeless style.

Designed with the desire to reduce the piece to its purest form, the new necklace and the new bangle from the Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry RL collection are crafted from 18K polished rose gold, in non-paved and paved designs with brilliant-cut white diamonds, meticulously selected to reflect Ralph Lauren’s commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. The design features sleek lines, graceful curves, and meticulous finishes, creating a visual masterpiece that effortlessly complements any ensemble. The purity of the form draws attention to the RL Stacked logo, which was first introduced in Ralph Lauren Purple Label accessories.

Worn individually as a statement piece or in combinations for a more personalized look, the collection offers endless possibilities for self-expression and individual style. It is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to creating exceptional pieces designed for those who appreciate the perfect blend of sophistication and style with a commitment to craftsmanship.

The Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry new RL collection is available from August 2023 at select Ralph Lauren boutiques and authorized retailers worldwide. To explore the collection and learn more about Ralph Lauren’s timeless elegance, please visit


Launched in 2008, Ralph Lauren Watches and Jewelry combines the highest-quality Swiss-manufacture movements with Ralph Lauren’s most iconic inspirations—from the equestrian elegance of the Stirrup watches to the Safari and Automotive collections. Each collection is distributed through select Ralph Lauren boutiques and the finest independent watch and jewelry retailers worldwide. Ralph Lauren Jewelry includes the signature Ralph Lauren Equestrian, Art Deco, and Chunky Chain collections, handcrafted with the finest materials and techniques.